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BurstFax is the best! In less than 5 minutes I can send a Fax Campaign to my client base letting them know about our monthly specials.
Kyle Walker, Home Builders
I use BurstFax as an add-on tool for my marketing customers. We find receiving a fax to be much more effective than a simple e-mail.
Michael Smith, MS Marketing

Frequently asked questions

Using our simple self-service platform, you can create a Fax Broadcast campaign in less than a minute. Simply upload your fax recipient list, optional blocklists, choose your document and start time. Your broadcast will begin immediately at your chosen start time and reporting is available in real time and completion of your broadcast.
Fax lists should be in CSV format, with the first column containing your numbers in international format, under the A1 Header cell Fax. Example Below:
We are a large aggregator directly connected to major domestic operators in each area of the world. Due to these relationships and our scale we are able to access wholesale rates like other operators. Burstfax extends this pricing to you so that you can have maximum return-on-investment and send more traffic with us.
Theoretically, if all of our fax lines were occupied we could send over 1 million faxes per hour. BurstFax has proprietary load balancing systems in place which typically guarantees a minimum for each new customers of around 100,000 faxes per hour to ensure stable service levels and predictable delivery.

If you have specific delivery requirements which exceed this rate of delivery a staff member from our routing team will work with you to reserve additional throughput capacity and ensure you have all the information required.
We accept credit cards. BurstFax is currently on prepaid terms only, and you can make payments and top-up your balance using American Express, JCB, VISA, and Mastercard. Due to the low-cost wholesale model we operate on, we currently do not allow any sort of post-paid terms.